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Leasing property is extremely important to your business operations, yet the procedural complexity associated with completing a lease can be quite frustrating and uncertain. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that leases are carefully reviewed, negotiated and drafted, otherwise the financial costs and/or legal problems that can arise from an incorrect or inadequate lease agreement can be quite harmful to your business.

Given the importance of lease agreements to your business success, don’t underestimate the significance of the right lawyer in:

- advising and coordinating your lease negotiations

- protecting you from negotiating away important rights and safeguards

- obtaining key concessions and benefits from the other side

- identifying traps and pitfalls in the other side’s requests

- drafting the terms of your lease agreement (and offer to lease)

- reviewing and explaining the contents of a proposed lease

- obtaining changes to the lease that protect your interests

- securing the other side’s compliance with their lease obligations

- resolving disputes and enforcing legal responsibilities

As such, leasing parties need to pay particular attention to the lease agreement (contract), given that leases are about far more than the underlying property that is being leased, it is about the legal arrangements that control the relationship between the business parties over the lease term. Without the proper lease agreement, the leased property can quickly change from a business advantage to an unbearable burden on one's business operations, which is far more costly than originally anticipated. And it is for this very reason that commercial leases need to be carefully reviewed, negotiated and drafted.

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