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Unfortunately, the legal wording of a lease agreement rarely matches the presumed straightforward business arrangements that were negotiated. Instead, there is a tendency to find hidden meanings, unexpected costs and incompatible obligations structured into most lease agreements. This isn’t necessarily intentional, but it must be dealt with correctly – otherwise you will be paying the price for not engaging the right lawyer to review the offer to lease and final lease agreement, and correct the inaccuracies and remove the hidden costs.

Why Lease Agreements Need to be Reviewed

- fails to mirror terms that were negotiated (i.e., in the offer to lease)

- contain hidden meanings in all the legal jargon

- nullify the benefit of negotiated terms with legal clauses

- imposes unexpected costs that can adversely impact your financial operations

- insert unwarranted obligations and restrictions

- fails to account for the dynamic elements of your business and its advancement

- has an inadequate exit strategy.

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